We Are Together

We Are Together honours those we have lost to suicide in UK universities
and campaigns for positive change in mental health provision.

Phoebe Grime – Inquest

Storyteller: Hilary Grime

Who you have lost: Phoebe Grime

Their Age: 20

Association: Parent

University: Newcastle University

Course: Psychology

Your Experience at the Inquest: It takes great courage to attend an Inquest.
We were as prepared as we possibly could be but it was unbearable.
There was so much we submitted to the Coroner beforehand but it was as if it none of it had been read.
We were not able to question the NU representative who said ‘I don’t feel we missed anything’ or ‘we never knew Phoebe was higher risk’ although she had told them she had a suicide plan previously etc. The Coroner just accepted it all. There was absolutely nothing we could do and it was another terrible day.

Hindsight, I just don’t think we could have done anything. It is the luck of the court and the coroner or the badluck!

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